Choosing a hedge fund public relations company

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We all know that the market can go up and down, sideways and even upside down. Trying to figure out what is going to happen next can be an somewhat of an enigma. This challenge is already very great, especially given the fact that you must compete against hundreds of peers. Hedge funds, however cannot dedicate the resources required for the best PR and maximize their returns. They will ultimately get bogged down in the public relations game critical to their success. That is why you should hire a hedge fund public relations firm. They will have the resources equipped to generate successful returns on investment, and beat out the market when it comes time to handling potential clients and building up your image as a firm.

Makovsky + Company, is just one of the many hedge fund public relations firms out there, so what puts us ahead of the curve? Well like any other firm, we will design and implement a hedge fund public relations stratagem. This all-inclusive plan will take your firm and build around it. We will look at what and where you are currently, and figure out methods to achieve your goals. We will assess your hedge fund and enact a plan, which meets your criteria.

These criteria are standard in hedge fund public relations and cover such areas as, client letters and communications, potential client marketing, branding, publishing relevant commentary in hedge fund related media and of course maintaining and building your image in the general public. Each of these objectives is distinct, yet they are intricately intertwined. So, it is imperative that whatever hedge fund public relations company you chose, that they focus on all of them.

A good example would be getting a manager recognized in the industry and public. Publishing commentary and doing interviews on Bloomberg TV and with the Wall Street Journal gives him exposure in hedge fund circles. This can also coincide with attracting new clients, as it boosts your publicity, as well as improving the general public’s perception of your firm. This is where the power of our specialized thinking will make all the difference. Simply put, our 30 plus years of expertise ensure that we understand the dynamics of hedge fund public relations.

Another example is one that you would not want to consider, but is something that we will. If things turn out badly and we need to protect your image and firm, we will work around the clock to restore your company and minimize damages. When you partner with Makovsky + Company, we will provide you with the best disaster management team in the hedge fund public relations field.

So when it comes time to pull the trigger on an equity, or acquire a new asset, you will not have to worry about whether you are well known, or how much exposure you have. Hedge fund public relations is our job, running the hedge fund is your’s. Join Makovsy + Company, and gain the upper hand against the market.

Makovsky + Company is a public relations company that specializes in hedge fund public relations. We have been in business since 1979. For more information please visit us at and for more specific information on our hedge fund public relations services please visit us @

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Choosing a hedge fund public relations company

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Choosing a hedge fund public relations company

This article was published on 2011/11/21